Monday 21 February 2022

How to get a web hosting? How to register a Domain? Host your website on web server.

Hosting is the invisible foundation of the internet. Every website needs a ‘home’, a place where its files are accessible anytime, anywhere. That’s what hosting does. It’s a plot of internet land. If you want a website, it’ll need to be hosted somewhere.

Good hosting makes for a fast site that’s almost always accessible. Good hosting is affordable, low-maintenance, and scaleable.

You can host website in two ways:

o     Use a hosting platform

o     Host locally (only in your PC can access the website)

Now we are talking about the hosting website on internet, follow these four simple steps to host your website with a hosting provider:

 Step 1: Compare hosting companies.


With that out of the way, the most popular global registrars include:


·         Namecheap

·         GoDaddy





Each of these companies has a slightly different user interface, but what you get in the end is the same — a shiny new domain name.

o     Step 2: Choose a website hosting company.


Once you’ve had a look at the top hosting companies, you need to pick one! There are a number of features you should consider when choosing a website hosting company.


Below are some of the key factors to consider:


o     Uptime

o     Support

o     Free domain name

o     Value for Money

o     Bandwidth

o     WordPress integration

o     Money-back guarantees

o     Step 3: Choose a website hosting plan.

Once you have a host platform you like the look of, you still need to narrow your decision down to a plan. There are numerous types of hosting (shared, dedicated, VPS, and more), and there is usually a selection of plan tiers within each type.


o     Step 4: Register a domain name.

It’s all well and good having a plot of internet land, but without an address no one will be able to find it! That’s what a domain name is. It’s your digital address.

Google’s is You get the idea. Your site will need a domain as well.

Nearly every web hosting provider includes domain name registration in its signup process. Sometimes it’s included as a freebie in the plan you’ve chosen (GoDaddy and Bluehost, for example).


A good domain is simple, easy to remember, and usually number- free. Don’t feel bound to the .com convention either. More and more sites are playing around with atypical top level domains

like .xyz or .co. So long as it fits with your brand, you’ll be fine. 

If you already have a domain name it’s simply a case of attaching it to your new server. Many hosting platforms include this in the signup process and handle it for you.

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